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One App, one routing for all bike sharing stations

Give our bikesharing routing a try. Based on live station data. For now you can test it in:

  • Paris
  • Vienna
  • Hamburg
  • London
  • ..and many more will follow

Choose your city and try it!

The Bike Citizens App

Download our app and access bike sharing stations worldwide. The feature is currently in beta state and therefore free to use with every city package!


Beta Version


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Enhance the usage of your city's bike sharing system with smart navigation and additional benefits for cyclists

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Bike Sharing Providers

Enable routing functions for your customers to easily navigate from station to station. We help you to add your stations in our app. Want to make your data open data ? We can show you how and the benefits you will gain!

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Make it easy for visitors to discover your city highlights by bike, being navigated safely from hot spot to hot spot. A shared bike and our touristic tours and POIs are a perfect way to explore a city

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